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Tackling The Student Debt Crisis Together

As of 2022, Americans owe more than 1.5 trillion dollars in student debt.
Mason Aksamit

Let's Make A Documentary

Meet Mason Aksamit. Mason is an aspiring filmmaker and dedicated English teacher who, in  2017, received his bachelor's degree in European Studies in just one year. So, how did he achieve this challenging, seemingly impossible task? You guessed it, CLEP exams! Out of a reluctance to endure the stressors of piling on a ridiculous amount of debt, Mason sought out other means to assist him with reaching his collegiate goals. Within the past several years, Mason has spent his free time coaching hundreds of thousands of students on how to complete their college degrees without taking on a single penny of student debt through his successful youtube channel. Mason is now putting his filmmaking skills to work in an effort to spread the word about CLEP (College Level Exam Preparation) and producing a documentary which will shed light on the ever-growing gloom of the national student debt crisis. We are both inviting you to come on this journey with us so that we can help as many people as we possibly can!