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Say goodbye to all of your confusion, doubt & anxiety. This study prep is easy to follow and vetted by experts in each subject.


Study Only What You Need

Wouldn’t it be nice if you spent time studying topics that were actually on your exam? My study guides are updated annually & they all follow the college board breakdowns to the “T”.


Save Time

I designed my two-week study plan to have you ready for your exam in a sufficient amount of time. Stay focused and never miss a beat.


Save Money

Spend nearly 90% less than you would at a typical college institution and complete your course in less than 2 hours.

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American Literature

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American Government

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Human Development

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Intro Psychology

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Principles of Management

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Spanish Language 1&2

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Real People, Real Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Accurate Is Your Study Prep?

The study prep is highly accurate and updated quarterly. All study guides, modules, and flashcards follow the college board breakdown. This keeps everything lean, and students know exactly what they need to study to pass their exams.

How Often Do You Add New Study Prep?

I will be adding new study modules every quarter. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to send me an email here.

How Long Should I Study For My Exam?

I designed my 2-week study program to have you exam ready in a sufficient amount of time. Although this program is very valuable, if you have extra time to allocate to your study process, I encourage you to do so. The more time you spend studying only increases your chances of earning a higher score.

What Sets "Study With Marq" Apart?

Study With Marq was created for test-takers by test-taker. (Just me for now ). I know the pain and struggle of trying to prepare for a CLEP exam, and it can be very confusing and nerve-racking to find a starting point. I believe that when it comes to solving this problem, no one on the internet does it better than I do.

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