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About The Company

Study With Marq (formerly Clep Guineapig) was conceived back in late 2017. I took my first ever CLEP exam & decided to make a youtube video about my experience. Even though I didn't pass my exam, I soon realized that there were a huge number of people whoanxious about their study preparation. Throughout then next several months, I started taking exams and making videos for the purpose of helping students conquer their own test-taking fears.

Over The Years


I took the Spanish Language CLEP exam back in March of 2017. This video marks the start of my journey educating people on the power of CLEP and showing people better ways to prepare. I retook this exam six months later and passed with flying colors.

study with marq
study with marq


I started doing some research around the market I was looking to serve and also created a lean canvas for my company. (Start up jargin)


I started working on the first versions of my study guides. Later in the year, I made them available for free download. After the first 1500 downloads, I knew it was time to take things to the next level.

study with marq
study with marq


Clep Guineapig was born! I launched the first version of my site in early 2020.


I decided to rebrand the company from "Clep Guineapig" to "Study With Marq". I also did a complete overhaul of my website to improve the user experience.

study with marq

Company Values

study with marq


My goal has always been & forever will be to help people succeed & save them time & money on their college education.

study with marq


Communication is key! Since 2016, I have made my number public. I’ve answered thousands of calls and replied to thousands of text messages.

study with marq

Your Success

Study With Marq is dedicated to your success. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have any questions whatsoever. Contact me here

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